Smells Like Kush Chronic – Relaxes Like Chronic – Taste Like Blueberries

Earthshine Organics is satisfied to present our all normal unwinding fume item that preferences and scents very much like BLUEBERRY KUSH!

Our plan has been experimentally evolved with all regular food grade fixings that guarantee a safe non-harmful item. Moreover we just utilize 100 percent Kosher Pure Vegetable Glycerin for a definitive flavor and fume cloud without a waiting sleek covering inside your mouth.
This item contains

1. Item HAS NO THC
3. Item HAS NO PG
4. Planned with100% Kosher Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

~Highlights and Rewards~

* Every single Natural Ingredient
* Stress Relief and Sleep Aid
* Amino Acids and Melatonin Active Ingredient
* 5,000 Vapor hits in each 10ml Bottle
* Blueberry KUSH taste and smell
* Velvet-like Vapor