Black Label k2 Paper


$160 = 2 sheets

Black label incense on paper as its name sounds is a quality product from a famous  company and the result of lots of  years of experience in the drugs  production industry.

Infused black label k2 paper is obtained from synthetic cannabinoids  which are similar to the cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant. After extraction, we have to  sprinkled over the paper to give the sweetest Aroma experience in the market of Infused k2 paper.

We have received incredible reviews about heroin infused paper this simpler way of getting high and people demand it more than before. You can also check similar products on infused k2 by checking out our shop page.


Black Label k2 Paper

Firstly, Engineered cannabinoids are human-made brain adjusting synthetics that are either sprayed on dried, destroyed plant material so they can be smoked or sold as fluids to be disintegrated and breathed in e-cigarettes and different gadgets. These items are otherwise called homegrown or fluid incense. k2 synthetic spray is available to be purchased.

Also, We sell these items in brilliant foil packages and plastic containers to our buyers. We market these items under a wide assortment of explicit brand names. Many brands presently exist, including K2, Spice, Joker, Black Mamba, Kush, and Kronic.

A4 Paper Size: 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 (210 x 297 mm). Each A4 paper(Printing paper) infused in 30ml of Black label K2 spray.

The infused papers are 100% colorless and also odorless which makes them undetectable. Get Discounts on multiple items!!!


  • Black Label k2 paper is Very Unique
  • Has Lasting Results
  • Pleasure smoking
  • Easy and Quick consumption

About Black Label k2 paper:

Buy Black label incense on paper from vaporizerspot shop  at a cheap price also known as black label infused k2 incense on paper. It is a quality product from our famous black label company and the result of years of experience in the drugs industry.

It is extracted from synthetic cannabinoids which are similar to the cannabinoids that come from the cannabis plant and are prepared under the supervision of qualified staff in testing laboratories.

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1-Should not be consumed by pregnant women

2-kids under 18 can not consume this product

3-Consume only under control for staters


We Only use black label k2 sheets to treat certain mental diseases not for daily consumption. Use this product in smaller amounts  as its seen to be strong. Strongest K2 Spray For Sale is available to be purchased

Manufacturers and retailers are not responsible for any misuse. Beware!

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