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AK47 k2 spray
Ak 47 k2 spray, If you are looking for a way to relax from a stressful day, then buy our Ak 47 k2 spray today. It is another premium blend of herbal liquid incense that will help you achieve this goal. Our company offers 100% discreet and classified delivery service worldwide.

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The paper has been infused with K2 eliquid Code Red Liquid Incense.Each A4 sheet is infused with 25ml=0.84350 oz of K2 eLiquid Code Red Liquid Incense

Ak 47 k2 spray is made from high quality ingredients like flowers, herbs, and oils. These ingredients are mixed together using a special process which is why it has been named after the famous Russian assault rifle AK-47.

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Ak 47 k2 herbal liquid incense
The liquid incense comes with a wonderful aroma that will fill up your entire room in no time. The scent of Ak 47 k2 spray is very strong because it contains many different fragrances such as lavender, sage, chamomile and many others that give off an amazing aroma when burned on its own or mixed with other scents like vanilla or almond oil

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Ak 47 liquid incense